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Brontë - Safety Razor 2.0

Brontë - Safety Razor 2.0

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Reaching for a razor to shave those hairy bits?

Grab yo’self a Bronte Body Reusable Safety Razor. Cos’ if you’re gonna shave you should do it the safe + sustainable (+ cute) way.

Bring sustainable, luxury, premium quality shaving into your life that’s free of plastic, free of nasty chemicals, + saves you money in the long run.

The Bronte Body Reusable Safety Razor has a long handle + amazing grip for your safest, closest + smoothest shave yet.

Why you’ll love your Bronte Body Reusable Safety Razor:

    • Prevents razor rashes, ingrown hairs + skin irritations
    • Gentle to sensitive skin
    • Recyclable + plastic-free
    • Vegan + Cruelty-free
    • Hand crafted in NZ

Your razor comes with:

      • 10 x razor blades = 1 x year of shaving at 5-8 cents per shave (so good)
      • Plastic-free, recyclable packaging
      • QR code to ‘Learn to Shave Guide’ (we’re talking the 101 on how to experience the safest, closest + smoothest shave yet).
      • Matching Razor stand

    • Suitable for all humans with hairy bits.

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