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Love Friday

Love Friday - Insulated Bags

Love Friday - Insulated Bags

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The thermo bag is insulated and thermo lined, used to carry food, drinks, medicines, cosmetics or even the soggy cozy. By increasing the size it is now large enough to fit a bottle of wine and frozen ice pack. The bag is versatile, it is light and gorgeous enough to double as a clutch, so you are set for the beach or a fun night out. Price includes the bag of your choice and one accessory.

A selection of accessories allows you to tailor and personalise your cooler bag with as little or as much fuss as desired. We understand selecting an accessory can be hard, particularly as we have so many. Luckily, we are experts at selecting accessories that look stunning with your thermo bag, please specify in the comments box if ordering online your preference and we will do our best, otherwise rest assured we will take care of it for you! 



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