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Woden Magda Waterproof Boots Dark Olive

Woden Magda Waterproof Boots Dark Olive

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Magda Track is durable, waterproof boot made of 70% natural rubber. In addition, the boot is crafted with 30% recycled rubber and has beautiful fish leather details on the heel. A distinctive track sole completes the boot for great comfort.

Soft PU-foam is used for the insole of the boot, which is both lightweight and shock-absorbing.

The breathability of the boot is ensured by the use of a WODEN airflow footbed and an outsole based on our Natural Soft technology. A technology designed to ensure the best possible comfort, making Magda Rubber Track a comfortable waterproof companion on the move.

Recycled rubber
Rubber sole with Natural Soft technology
Sole with track pattern for better grip
Fish leather details
Cork insole with Airflow system
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